About Out of Mobs

The purpose of this page is to give you an idea of how the guild is structured and how we deal with things on day to day basis.

Table of Contents

1. Meet the Officers
2. Guild Ranks
3. Loot Distribution Method
4. Attendance Policy

1. Meet the Officers

Logiibob (Guild Leader)
You don't need to pay for a Name Change; Logii will give you one for free. Getting your name wrong the first time is pretty much a requirement of his. This rare creature can be found before and after raids. Poke Logiibob if you have any questions about the guild, ranks, guild policies, and roster concerns.

Keldoran (Recruitment)
Being burdened with the mantle of "Most Attractive Officer" is not an easy task, yet somehow, Keldoran carries that mantle in the same way he carries the hopes and dreams of his fellow raiders on his broad, Tauren shoulders. After joining Out of Mobs early on during Throne of Thunder, he knew he would be going places when 3 months later, Logiibob sent him a whisper asking "Who are you?". Poke Keldoran for concerns partaining to recruitment, or tanking.

Mangomrmlade (Raid Leader)
An Asian Canadian that requires crying babies as background noise in order to raid effectively. He sets the overall boss strategies, but frankly speaking, lets Stoic do most of the work. Poke Mango for specific questions about Boss Strategies.

Perucho (Guild Administration)
Oldest and most loyal Out of Mobs member, yea that's right! Lives in denial by pretending he is not somewhat a nerd, will skip trash at all cost but when he is doing trash: he is TOP DPS. Marine Veteran, the Few and the Proud, and loves CUPCAKES! Poke Perucho if you have questions regarding the Guild Bank / BoEs.

Stoic (Assistant Raid Leader & Class Specialist)
The Silent Watcher. When he's not swamped in whispers or waiting for the group to be out of combat to fix groups you'll likely find him on one of his innumerable alts running something. If he's in his Garrison or in Warspear; he's probably AFK. Poke Stoic for questions about roles and raiding.

2. Guild Ranks

Predators (Core Raider)
From a raiding perspective, predators are held to the highest standard. This means that they excel in their class/spec and are trusted to handle specific roles and mechanics on certain boss fights. Predators are generally given priority on progression encounters but this would also depend on raid composition.

Characteristics of a predator:
• Consistent attendance, excellent raid awareness, and strong numbers for your class/spec
• Team player, positive attitude, and potential leadership qualities
• In-depth research on boss encounters and always looking to maximize numbers

Predator perks:
• Bountiful gold repairs
• Access to special tab in the guild bank
• Ability to self-invite friends and family to the guild

Shark (Raider)
Sharks are our core pool of raiders. Sharks can play their class/spec well with good raid awareness. Consistent raid attendance and a positive attitude are also a must.

Shark perks:
• Gold repairs
• Can invite friends and family to the guild by asking an officer or predator

Piranha (Backup Raider)
Piranhas provide help in raids when raiders go missing or there’s a specific composition we’re looking for on certain boss encounters. They are our Hail Mary's in saving the guild from canceling raids or backpedaling on progression. Attendance is not mandatory, but a positive attitude is a must. Piranha’s can participate in raids for farmed boss encounters.

Fresh Meat (Recruit)
New members of the guild looking to join the raiding ranks. Recruits are evaluated by officers over a 2-3 week period before deciding whether they have qualities that more fit a Shark or Piranha.

Goldfish (Inactive or Social)
Inactive members or friends and family of the guild.

3. Loot Distribution Method

The guild uses Effort Points & Gear Points (EPGP) as its method for loot distribution. A detailed explanation of EPGP can be found on WoW Wiki.

EP is awarded for being on time for the start of raids (+25 points) and every 30 minutes thereafter (+50 points) for the evening. EP can be lost based on our Attendance Policy (see next section for more information). In order to prevent hoarding of EP, we also have a decay system in place whereby 10% of total EP is lost per week for all raiders.

In some rare cases, we may use loot council to distribute highly valued pieces of gear. The reason we may use it from time to time is purely for progression purposes and increasing the strength of the raid group as a whole.

If you have any specific questions on loot distribution, please speak to Logiibob.

4. Attendance Policy

In order to raid effectively, we place a strong emphasis on consistent raid attendance from our predators and sharks. We understand however, that real life can get in the way from time to time. To that end, we have specific policies for raid attendance.
Raids begin at 8:30 EST those online at this time will receive +25 EP points. 15 minutes leniency will be granted to those who receive prior approval from an Officer due to RL constraints. The first Boss pull will be at exactly 8:45. Those granted the 15 minute exception will be considered late if not ready to pull at this time.
There are SEVERAL ways to communicate with the guild for both a expected and unexpected absence.

• Slack Chat - See Blogs and Links on the website menu.
• Armory App - You can chat with the guild directly to relay a message.
• Forums - The forums are online 24x7.

Advanced Notification if Late or Absent
We require reasonably advanced notice if you plan to be late or absent to a raid. Sending a notification right before a raid (1 hour or less) will generally not be tolerated.

However, even if prior notification is given, we generally refrain you from being late or absent many times. That’s because your contribution to the raids clearly diminishes. If a pattern emerges we have the discretion to bench you during raids, specifically on progression.

No Notification Given
A 2-strike system will be used for players that do not provide advanced notice. For the first strike, a warning is given. If players receive a second strike, EP penalties are handed down to the player:
5% additional weekly EP decay for lateness
10% additional EP weekly decay for being absent
If a pattern emerges – which means you continue to provide no notification for being late or absent – the penalties become more severe:
20% additional weekly EP decay for lateness
30% additional weekly EP decay for being absent
Highly likely chance of being sat in raids and potential demotion from your current rank