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Postby Sinao » Wed Feb 08, 2012 11:56 pm

For you bored 50s that have nothing to do but level atls...(CoughFlangCough). Go do the dailes for some nice rewards and credits to help gear up for hard modes.

Belsavis Dailies (16xDaily Coms)
This series requires the completion of a Bonus series that starts on the space station, the quests are granted as you complete this series, take a few hours to do.

Credits earned from vendor items and quests after all Balmora dailys: 125k
Boss mobs each drop an epic item on 2 and 4 person quests.

{South} (8xDaily coms)

[Daily] Invisible Threat -- Kill 10 stealth troopers and 2 commanders
Rewards: 1xDaily com, creds

[Daily] Unintended Consequences -- Recover 3 wraith box components then use at terminal near end of bunker
Rewards: 1xDaily com, creds, and companion rep

[Daily] Heroic +4 -- Kill Lord Raxxus
Rewards: 3xDaily com, creds, rep, pick between 2 armor enhance or a blue box

[Daily] Heroic +4 -- Destroy generators
Rewards: 3xDaily com, credits, rep, pick one item 4 lvl50 orange companion weps blue staff or blue lock box

{North} (8xDaily Coms)

[Daily] Found in Translation -- Recover 24 weapons
Rewards: 1xDaily com, creds, rep

[Daily] Ancient Transmissions -- Recover console key and use console
Rewards: 1xDaily com, creds

[Daily] Reluctant Volunteers -- Capture savants 3
Rewards: 1xDaily com, creds, rep

[Daily] Deadly Mutation -- Kill 5 creatures and destroy 5 equipment
Rewards: 1xDaily com, creds, rep

[Daily] The Carriers of Xenovirus Prime -- Scan 4 cells in bunker
Rewards: 1xDaily com, creds, rep

[Daily] Heroic +2 -- Jill jedi master
Rewards: 3xDaily com, creds, rep, 1 choice of 2 purple mods or 1 blue lock box

Ilum Dailys (8xDaily Coms)
No companion rep is granted from this series.
Credits made: 95k

[Daily] A Tightned Grip -- Kill 8 rep forces, obtain battle plans
Rewards: 1xDaily com, credits

[Daily] Defend the Shipment -- Kill waves of mobs after clicking box
Rewards: 1xDaily com, credits

[Daily] Operation Shatterstorm -- Click panels on com towers x5
Rewards: 1xDaily com, credits

[Daily] Rightful Owner -- Collect equipment boxes x5
Rewards: 1xDaily com, credits

[Daily] Sabotage -- Plant bomb on equip then defend
Rewards: 1xDaily com, credits

[Daily] +2 Poisonous Strategy -- Click control panel and kill jedi x2
Rewards: 3xDaily coms, credits, 1 choice between 4 epic enhancements or a blue box

The Daily Comendations can be used for purple earpieces (120 Badges), implants (120 Badges), and a speeder (200 Badges).
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Re: Dailies...

Postby Sheapard » Thu Feb 09, 2012 11:31 am

Yes we need to start doing these especially after that fail hard mode last night no thanks to flang's undergeared ass. Playing his alt with nothing better to do, lol. Still going to take a few weeks to get the ear piece and the implants. but the dailys should help with getting orange gear and enhancements.
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