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Army Rules

Postby Kortanis » Wed Apr 03, 2013 9:44 pm

  1. Test the game.
    Unlike other developement studios Red5 expects and needs us to test the game. When you see something wierd take the time to file a bug. OOM members should be contributing members of the Firefall Community. By all means, discuss bugs with other people in Zone chat if it makes sense to, however do not publicly whine about bugs. It's a beta test for a reason.
  2. Help others.
    Firefall is big on getting other people together. The game is a lot more fun when working together with others, even if they aren't in your squad. OOM members are expected to treat others with respect. I will kick anyone that is found to be a problem to others.
  3. You may use the OOM Ventrilo server
    Be courteous. This server is shared by our WoW raid team, long-time OOM founders and players, and a few other small groups. The server is paid for by many of these people. Respect that.

    The Shark Tank and other named channels are primarily used by the WoW Guild or old-timers. There are plenty of other channels to use, but in general, don't interrupt a channel already being used for something else.

    You can find the information to access our Ventrilo server in the Central Archives forum.
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