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Postby Kortanis » Wed Apr 03, 2013 9:55 pm

Hi, I'm Kortanis.

In Firefall, I am Korrine, and Commander of the [~OOM~] Out of Mobs army.

About Me
I typically have a very busy work, family, and community schedule and because of this, I want to make sure that your expectations of our army is clear. I don't have the time to play Firefall at a hardcore schedule.

Professionally, I am a Software Developer. I have been testing and writing software for too many years to enjoy hearing someone whine about bugs, especially during development. I do not look well upon people whining publicly about bugs, and especially so in Firefall. I support Red5's goals and I know their teams are working hard to make this a great game. File a detailed bug, notify others if you need to and move on. Provide feedback to Red5 when you have it.

About OOM
Out of Mobs was founded by a handful of us from Classic WoW. We were part of a multi-guild raid team on Doomhammer that had cleared all the content except for about half of Naxxaramus when we formed up. We were among the elite, and we were out of content, we were...Out of Mobs. The guy who brought us together is Speedious, this is his website, his vent server, his playground.

OOM has kept on as a raiding guild in WoW ever since with various people leading the guild. For the last few years Logiibob leads the WoW guild. While many of us have moved on from WoW, OOM is still our home no matter what games we play.

About Fireteam OOM
Our army is focused on Moderate PVE gameplay. I want us to be driven toward making Firefall a better game, and to work together to make it a better experience than it would on our own. You should learn your favorite battleframes well, and how they fit into group play. You may play the battleframes of your choice.

Once we've better established our army and learned each others playstyles, we will likely play PVP. While it's not my favorite gametype in recent years, I fully encourage you to get PVP teams or matches going.

Recruiting Status: Active
Anyone looking to join OOM in Firefall should talk to me in-game or PM me on the forum, I will conduct a short interview before you may be admitted into the army.
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