Guides - Minerals, Crafting, and Addons

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Guides - Minerals, Crafting, and Addons

Postby Kortanis » Wed Apr 03, 2013 10:51 pm

I will defer these topics to people that have already spent the time typing them up.

Yes, the recently released system is confusing at first, but the big banner across the top of the printer window should be a big hint to not get frustrated about it. Use the resources below to understand them better.
A new site dedicated to documenting the minerals and crafting systems in Firefall.
Check out the resource tracker for the current mineral values in the world.
The Guides and Addons Compendium
The one-stop shop for information.
Advanced Thumping Guide
From the Compendium, this guide thoroughly details how the mineral system works, how it changes, and how to find the minerals you need most.

I use the following addons. You can find them linked in the Compendium.
ClassyEngineerGirls, Gameclock, Omnitrack, PingMe, Speedtrack, Surveyor, and VisCoords
I also like ReactorBar, a full UI makeover, but haven't really used it since the latest patch.
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