Red Beans -or- Red5 wants to make money?!

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Red Beans -or- Red5 wants to make money?!

Postby Kortanis » Fri Apr 12, 2013 8:39 am

While the in-game currency is Crystite, which you find plenty of, the way Red5 pay the bills is by microtransactions in the game in the form of spendable Red Beans.

In order to not be annoyed by any free-to-play game's monetization scheme it is important to understand what it does to the game. The very common argument of "pay-to-win" among free-to-play games is the result of many bad monetization systems. Red5 wants to overcome this problem while still having a successful game (and revenue source).

Red Beans are used to purchase 1) items of convenience and 2) items of customization.


These items are things that will typically speed up the process of gameplay. For example you can purchase temporary XP boosts, a permanent rechargeable version of a consumable, or at the NanoPrinter (the in-game crafting stations) you can spend 1 Red Bean to reduce crafting time of a component by one hour. So if the crafting time of that shiny new weapon you queued at the printer is 47 minutes and you want it now, you can spend a bean to get it right now. However, there's nothing stopping you from going and playing in the world or queuing up for some PVP while it is made either.


Every player model has a lot of customization you can do for free. This includes restyling your head; hairstyle; hair and eye color; eye, head, ear, and mouth ornaments; and other accessories. you can also change the gender, skin color, and voice of your avatar. In almost all of those categories there are options that are premium Red Bean options.

Additionally, there are purchasable items such as alcoholic drinks, fireworks, non-combat pets, a Tiki-torch that makes all players do a tiki dance party, etc. All of these items are fun and fully optional.

Deciding to spend money and Founder's Packs
The game is free to play which is pretty cool. My personal opinion of free software is that if it is useful to me, then I'm going to contribute something back to the developer. That opinion extends to free-to-play games as well. I'm not saying that you have to feel the same way.

Below is a screenshot of the currency Conversion screen. I recommend that if you are going to buy your first Red beans, buy a Founder's Pack instead. Not only do you get some bonus red beans for the same price, but you get other SWAG as well. The permanent XP bonuses make a big difference in the game as well. If you like to have exclusive pixels in your games, then I recommend the Founder's Packs, they've got plenty. View the Founder's Packs in detail here:

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