Chubsters - DPS Hunter

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Chubsters - DPS Hunter

Postby chubsters » Tue Nov 04, 2014 5:38 pm

Character Name: Chubsters

Armory Link: ... ers/simple

Realm: Zuljin

Class: Hunter

Role: DPS

Another Role: Yes

World of Logs:

Maxed Professions: Yes

Latency Issues: No

About my Boss Sources :

About me: I did not play much this expansion due to lack of interest, but have been playing in the beta for WoD. I have been playing since the very beginning of WoW, and have been playing hunter since the beginning of TBC. I am very comfortable with the class and looking forward to raiding in WoD. I have raided all contents since TBC excluding this expansion. I have very recently went horde and joined Zul'jin. The raid times for the guild fit perfectly with my schedule. Looking forward to your answer about my application and my friends ( the resto shammy and mage).

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Re: Chubsters - DPS Hunter

Postby Stoic » Thu Nov 06, 2014 3:07 pm

If you are available this evening we'd like to have you join us in a quick Heroic run through Siege of Orgrimmar. This will give us a chance to get a feel for each other, and otherwise enjoy annihilating nerfed bosses. We'll be starting things off around 8:30 server time.
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