Accepted Applicants Introduction to OOM

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Accepted Applicants Introduction to OOM

Postby Stoic » Mon Nov 10, 2014 9:35 pm

Hey! You're on board!

Now that you're a bona fide member of this awesome and longstanding gaming community of ours I'm sure you probably have a few questions, so let me answer a few of them preemptively.

Out of Mobs has its main branch on US Zul'jin Horde (the side you app'd to) however we have another Alliance branch on US Doomhammer. This was formerly where the guild you joined came from.

Our Guild Master is Logiibob. Don't be offended if he calls you the wrong name, he is renown for butchering names so don't be surprised to be the bearer of a new name which doesn't even sound like yours.

Our Officers are Perucho the loud and proud former Marine, The Master Paladin Keldoran, our bow-flexin Raid Leader Mangommrlade, and finally myself: the go-to person to blame on all matters and the guy who is always doing something. Please don't hesitate to poke any of us, we are all longtime veteran players and nice guys (well maybe not Logii :lol: ).

Our Ranking system goes basically as follows:
GM - Logiibob
Officer Rank - Officer mains
Officer Alt Rank - The many Officer alts
Predator - Rank awarded to our most core raiders
Shark - Established Raider rank
Fresh Meat - Trial Raider rank
Piranha - PvPer rank
Goldfish - Casual Player rank
Altoid - Alts of any non-officer
Nub - Players who haven't logged on in a long time

Raider Applicants please check out these 2 threads before raiding with us:

One quick note is that we take pride in our reputation as a guild, please be very mindful of the way you interact with other guilds / players and don't give us a bad rep. That's not something we take too lightly.

If you have any further'll just have to ask us!

We hope you enjoy this new journey you have entered into with our community. Please get active on the forums and in game!

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