Madlib - Healer Shaman

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Madlib - Healer Shaman

Postby Madlib » Fri Feb 06, 2015 6:41 pm

Character Name: Madlib

Armory Link: ... b/advanced

Realm: Zuljin

Class: Shaman

Role: Healer

Another Role: Yes

World of Logs: ... 03/latest/
^Resto Shaman's logs, I heard heard you guys may want my boomkin as an alt to use with different comps, etc. ... 00/latest/
Druids logs^

Maxed Professions: Yes

Latency Issues: No

About my Boss Sources : Usually use fatboss video guides for a general overview of how the fight looks and I try to look at logs of top performers for that fight to give me some specifics of how to potentially do better

About me: I've been playing resto shaman since wotlk primarily. I have most of my wow raiding experience playing healing classes. I mained a resto shaman during wotlk, mained a resto druid for the end of cata, and mained shaman from MoP until now.

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