singedc - DPS Mage

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singedc - DPS Mage

Postby singedc » Thu Mar 12, 2015 9:14 am

Character Name: singedc

Armory Link: ... c/advanced

Realm: Zuljin

Class: Mage

Role: DPS

Another Role: Yes

World of Logs: I don't use logs currently, but benchmark myself DPS off recount.

Not a Minor: Yes

Willing to seat: Yes

Latency Issues: No

About my Boss Sources : Yes, wowhead. I use icy veins / noxxic for rotation and class concerns.

My most proud in-game feat or achievement: I haven't raided seriously since Vanilla with MC, ZG, BWL, and Ony. Have made a resurgence into the game, and looking for more stable environment. Currently have done LFR for HM / BRF, and Normal for HM but PUGs are very frustrating. Tried to make a RL guild on server, but it didn't take off. Now were looking for what guild we want to land at.

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Re: singedc - DPS Mage

Postby Stoic » Fri Mar 13, 2015 5:19 am

Hey Singedc, thanks for taking the time to apply to Out of Mobs.

Out of Mobs is focused on trying to push Mythic Progression, that being said we aim to recruit players with some past Heroic (WOTLK-MoP) or Mythic (WoD) experience. Prior experience isn't the be all-end-all if we can see palpable proof of the player engaging the challenging content available to them (solo). Achievements like Brawlers Guild, Proving Grounds, dungeon content with achievements, Challenge Modes, etc are all indicators of someone's ambition to 'prove themselves'. At this time I'm afraid due to having no grounds to judge you on; OOM can't extend an invite to you, but in the future, armed with more experience and achievements to show off your prowess we'd be happy to consider your application again.

We wish you well on your guild hunt, and future dragon slaying.
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