I'm mad

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I'm mad

Postby Ardcoreraidr » Thu Feb 12, 2015 7:38 pm

First people show up 30-45 min late on the regular, so we made our raid night start 30 min later. We didn't end later, which was kinda bad, but I think I'm able to deal with that. The problem is people are now showing up 30-50 mins late still - for our NEW (later time) schedule. Then when we finally get things going people are under performing by a lot. We would have had that Beastlord kill but certain players are too low on DPS for that last burn phase.

So yeah, my friend called and wanted me to come over and I'm not gonna pass up real life when we have people dragging us down in game and nothing is being done to replace bad raiders. If it's a pug there should be no reason to keep a bad dps in the raid.

And just so you know, I can't raid tomorrow night because for one I already did a premade for the bosses I need in Highmaul and that's what we're running tomorrow. Two: The new season in Diablo 3 starts tomorrow at 6pm PST so yeah... I'm gonna be doing that.
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