Deliverance Joins OOM

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Deliverance Joins OOM

Postby Logiibob » Thu Feb 26, 2015 4:02 pm

With the same passion of raiding, the guild Deliverance has decided to join the Out of Mobs community. We welcome them to the team as we grow our effort to push deeper into Blackrock Foundry.

On a side note, we found this young picture of Kleeopatra watching his favorite movie. You can read all about it HERE.


Many of you might not know that Kleo was in the guild during the Wrath/Cata era. Because he left in his 'fun' manner, alittle poke was inline.

As we make adjustments to see what each one of you have to offer, please be patient as work you into our raid composition /coughmelee.

Once again, welcome to Out of Mobs!

Logi :shock:
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