Sneak Preview of OOM (Zul'jin) Members

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Sneak Preview of OOM (Zul'jin) Members

Postby Stoic » Mon Mar 02, 2015 4:16 pm

This is a continuation of the thread viewtopic.php?f=34&t=5629 in the General Retardation Section. This was done as a fun community project back then and we wanted to resurrect the idea for our team! This was a joint effort between Perucho, myself and a few others.

:shock: Logiibob = 10 years of mispronouncing names never healed so good
:devilking: Perucho = The BEAST takes cake breaks whenever he wants, and don’t you forget it!
:deal: Keldoran = Saving lives, wooing women, and trying to compete with the DPS as a tank, that about sums it up.
:mecker: Stoic = A quiet Jack-of-all-Classes by day, he moonlights as Mango’s Bouncer by night.
:twak: Mango = If he were any more prepared, he’d be playing from a nuclear bunker. Does Canada even have those?
:popcorn: Uryel = He makes rolling with the punches look effortless, and prefers to sing his call-outs
:cool: Deathrite = Embodies the virtues of his prefered spec, until you get him on the topic of Football.
:eek: Firelass = He already sounds better than you, but healing better than you with 200 MS? That’s just not fair.
:wave: Infringed = If he was any more flexible he’d be a yoga master, in fact he might have taken a vow of silence.
:devilsmile: Wylds = It doesn’t matter how many fiery hoops he has to jump, he’s going to get that 1% damage increase.
:bonegrin: Sidhel = First one on, and the last one dead; If he survived any longer on fights we’d have to rename him Beargrylls.
:dark: Selarintha = Plotting ways to silently stab you while you are AFK. He just might.
:drunk: Cosmic = This “Retribution Priest” is living proof that no-one escapes healing forever.
:drunk: Exbones = As if having the most achievements wasn’t enough; he still wants to crush you on the meter.
:idea: Stinky = The purveyor of good suggestions, if you can hear him over the din in the background...
:nuke: Lyndari = Unless she’s stuck in traffic you can’t miss her, just find the flapping owl.
:wink: Chilly = If he was any more chill we’d have to drug test him.
:smile: Souffles = Sweet by nature and profession, but don’t be fooled into messing with her.
:razz: Saslee = This ‘Frost Queen’ may be calm and composed but you’ll still want to steer clear of those Ice Lances.
:bangin: Zhaoyun = The Jokester - when he’s actually in guild
:lol: Leadora = Our resident cat lady with the unmistakable laugh

We will be updating this list more frequently as our new members become part of the family that is Out of Mobs. Once members reach a certain 'tenure' in the guild they shall be inducted into this Illustrious list!
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Re: Sneak Preview of OOM (Zul'jin) Members

Postby Selarintha » Thu Mar 05, 2015 2:41 pm

Just wanna note I'm always plotting to stab all of you afk or not!! =P
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