New Things

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New Things

Postby Logiibob » Sun Mar 29, 2015 10:57 am

We've done very well in HM/BRF and haven't had a chance to /teamamerica. This week there will be some announcements and changes to some of the "Out of Raid" culture.

Talking with the Officers (and the wife for permission) - I'm going to mix things up, here they are!

New Officer:

Sidhel - Everyone congratulate him for accepting the role of "Event Coordinator". Sid is taking over the attendance tracking for raids and is going to coordinate the alt/Achievement events.

Adjusted Roles:

Logi (AKA: Chaos): When the officers have ideas, Logi says something that sounds like XYZ that really means ABC. Logi's role is to make sure no one knows whats going on.

Perucho (AKA: The Mexican Beast): Perucho's role is to play Mr. NiceGuy. If you have an issue with an officer, member, event, guild policy, religion, dirt, etc. Talk to this guy and he will bring it to Logi's attention to see if it's something we can address.

Stoic: has decided to step down from his role as an Officer, once again joining the ranks.

[color=#00FF00]Mango (AKA: The Strategist)
: Raid leader /dropmiconstage.

Kel: Guild Recruiter and guild main tank (when alive :shinner: ).

Weekly Events:

Wednesday @9:00pm - Alt Raid/Achievements: Relaxed environment to get some time in on some other toons while hanging out with some guild mates. There has been interest in these events, and Sid will make sure that we have the people to make it happen. Logi will do his best to lead these events.

Saturday @10pm - Cuba Libre with OOM: Put your hair down, have a drink, and do something. Something is anything - point is that it's a social outing... except Logi has a drink in him... and you'll see why we can't have nice things.

I'll talk more about all of this Monday before raid.

Logi :shock:
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Re: New Things

Postby Zhaoyun » Sun Mar 29, 2015 7:12 pm

Snubbed again.

Grats Sid.
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Re: New Things

Postby Sidhel » Sun Mar 29, 2015 7:41 pm

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