PLEASE READ: Raiding Attendance

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PLEASE READ: Raiding Attendance

Postby Stoic » Sun Sep 28, 2014 10:07 am

Just wanted to give you all a heads up that effective this coming week we will be transitioning to doing sign ups on the ingame calendar. This makes the roster management a little easier and allows us to quickly see who all we have available. I will be heading up roster and attendance now so if you have any questions please ask me. We are going to be really focusing on stepping up our discipline and professionalism in the future so we're taking attendance seriously.

    Be online for raids 10 minutes prior to start time. Trash will be done during this time.

    If you can't make it and you know about it then post on the forums, if it is last minute or an emergency you can text me at 716-713-9550 but preferably no sooner than 1 hour before raid time. Your courtesy and professionalism are appreciated .

We also want you to login sometime during the week and sign up and be ready with flasks, food, and full durability. Logging in only for raids is something we're expecting to see less of.
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