Are you man enough?

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Are you man enough?

Postby Keldoran » Sun Jan 11, 2015 11:34 am

To score one last time?

(possibly NSFW - no pictures, but some lewd text base romping)

Softcore 2

Kind of an odd pervy game. It asks if she is over 18, but doesnt seem to care which you answer. I said No, but it still set us up in a bar with her naked.

I can't seem to get past the first "what should we do first" bit. *sigh*


So I finally got to the good stuff. Scored well enough to get her to leave her husband for me, but not good enough to keep her from going to another mans bed shortly there after.


Few tries later, I'm banging super models regularly, became deputy mayor of New York, and won 12 million in the Lottery. Yes, ladies, I'm that good at text base sex.
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