Reehab - Healer Paladin

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Reehab - Healer Paladin

Postby Lucid » Sun Aug 17, 2014 10:31 pm

Character Name: Reehab

Armory Link: ... hab/simple

Realm: Doomhammer

Class: Paladin

Role: Healer

World of Logs:

Maxed Professions: No

Latency Issues: No

Legendary Quest Completed : No

About me: The majority of my WoW raiding experience and fun experiences in general took place on Doomhammer. In Wotlk I was in Torment, who I raided with for their entirety until they split up, I then raided for a little bit with Rar before I took a break from the game all together. I haven't raided as much since Wotlk and have missed the fun experience I had. I remember Out of Mobs from back in the day and I'm hoping I can find that experience again. I'm a very skilled player, but currently my gear will not reflect that due to the fact I haven't had the motivation to play very much. I'm willing to work hard to get my gear up to par and to help the guild progress as a whole. - Thanks for your time.

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